Mia Long

Hello People

My Life

My name is Mia Long I am going to be a sophomore this year in Red Lake High School.

About my life.

I am 15 years old, I'm the only child on my mothers side, and I have 6 step sisters and 1 step brother. I have 1 nephew, his name is Mathew, he's 1. And he's my little angel. I have 1 more nephew coming very soon. I have 2 other nephews that I don't talk to, and 1 niece that I don't talk to. I live with my mom and my sister. My sisters name is Zoie, and she's protective over me. She doesn't let anybody mess with me, only she can (jokingly). My favorite food is Taco Johns 6 pack & a pound with Dr. Pepper.


  • makeup
  • listening to music (helps me concentrate)
  • eating a lot of food
  • taking pictures
  • watching movies & tv shows

TV shows

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. The Fosters
  3. Skins

They're my favorite shows because TWD will always be my favorite show of all time. The Fosters I just started watching the show last week, and I fell in love with it. Skins I am almost done with the last season, UB came and I haven't got to watch the rest of it, sometimes Skins can be funny, sad, I can relate to it, and its sometimes surprising.

Books I like

Mostly Ellen Hopkins books, i just got done reading Burned & Smoke. I was so into it, I almost cried at the end of each book. I've read Glass, Crank, Burned, Smoke, Tricks, Triangles, Perfect & Identical. They're thick books, but with short pages. Which makes it faster to read than other books.


My goal in life is to be a mechanic and an architect. So I could make my DREAM HOME & If my cars ever get broken or need something fixed, I can just fix it by myself for free. I want to be a photographer before I do all of that. I also want to be a hotel buyer and become a self-made millionaire. I have dreams, don't judge. I plan to do all of this after I graduate college, and do it for the rest of my life. First, a photographer. Second, a mechanic & architect. & last, but certainly not least, a self-made millionaire.

Here's a picture of me.


Links to my favorite things!

  1. Netflix
  2. Facebook
  3. BOOKS
  4. TWD
  5. Pandora
  6. Sephora
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