Mariah Ortiz

About me

My name is Mariah. I go to Cass Lake Bena
I love playing Basketball and sometimes Volleyball,
but im better at basketball than i am at volleyball.
I love playing basketball because its fun and i enjoy playing against other people. I love a competition.
My favorite animal is a Tiger.
I have 4 sisters, im the 2nd oldest.
I played Varsity basketball in 8th grade with my cousin Trina.

My Hobbies

Playing basketball
Spending time with my Grandma
Getting involved in activity's
Playing football and Basketball with my Bestfriend
Listening to music

My biggest inspiration is Shoni Schimmel.
I met her once. She is now in the WNBA.
She inspires me because she is Native American, she came off the rez too and she made it to the WNBA.
Shoni and her sister Jude, when Shoni was in college playing for Louisville Cardinals
Shoni led the team to the championship game of the 2013 Tournament in her senior season,
the NCAA, Shoni and Jude are the First Native Americans to play in the NCAA Final Four.

Class Work

Notes Ortiz — Here is a really short article: Women's Basketball

Outline Ortiz

Informative Essay Mariah

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