Maddie Estey

Hello World!

My name is Maddie Estey. I love riding and racing snowmobiles and dirtbikes, and riding horses. I currently own two dirtbikes, a 2001 yz80 and 2004 ttr125; two snowmobiles, a 1993 xcr440 and 1999 zl500; and two horses, a 5 year old grade Arabian named Thunder and a 22 year old half Arab half Quarter Horse named Billy. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and really anything else there is to do outdoors. I shot my first 8 point buck this past season! I also like almost every genre of music, and I attended my first Warped Tour last year with some friends.
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I'm currently a member of..

  • ARMCA District 23 (Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association)
  • AMA (American Motorcyclist Association)
  • AQHYA (American Quarter Horse Youth Association)


  • I have not yet decided and set in stone what career I want to pursue, but some careers that interest me include welding, motocross, diesel mechanics, auto mechanics, small engine mechanics, engineering, psychology and psychiatry.
  • If there is any one famous person from any point in time that I could meet and spend a day with, it would definitely be my idol Vicki Golden. Vicki is the first woman to qualify to race professional 250 Supercross. She accomplished this astounding feat at the age of 22 riding a RM-Z250. I think it would be absolutely rad to get to be a mechanic for the team she races for, if not racing with her! If she's racing at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross event at Millville this year, I hope to meet her and get some tips on racing, and ask what its like to race Supercross.


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