Lit I Syllabus

Meeting Time and Place: 9:00-9:50 am in Memorial Hall 250
Instructor: Anna Hamann
Email: su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna#su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna
Office Hour: 1:45-2:30 on Tuesdays in TRIO Decker Suite

Course Description and Objectives

In Lit I, you will be asked to comprehend and think critically about a text, which is a skill that is both vital to success in school and your life beyond. In order to work on these skills, students in this course will read, discuss, and write about Lucy the Giant,by Sherri Smith. The intent of this class is for each of you to improve your ability to develop a point of view and express your thoughts about that point of view clearly.

Specifically, we will be focusing on your ability to:

  • Cite textual evidence to support your analysis of what a text says explicitly as well as draw inferences from a text;
  • Determine the theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the story;
  • Analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a book, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme; and
  • Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with your classmates on diverse topics.

Minnesota Department of Education Standards met by this course:,,,,,,, and


You will
  • Engage in classroom activities and support your peers;
  • Finish assigned work by the established due date; and
  • Respect each other and differing life experiences and points of view.
You will not
  • Make verbal remarks targeted at disparaging another person’s gender, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, culture, or perceptions of physical or mental ability;
  • Engage in verbal or physical bullying; or
  • Engage in any other behaviors that compromise another person’s sense of safety and security

Please see the Upward Bound Student Handbook for more information about the consequences for inappropriate student behavior.


Whether you pass or fail this class is based on your attitude and willingness to do all of the work all of the time. To that end, I will ascertain your level of engagement through the following activities: in-class participation, periodic quizzes, .

Objectives-Based Assessment Scale

(4) Exceeds objective: the student went above and beyond
(3) Meets objective: The student did what was expected
(2) Partially meets objective: The student performed to her or his ability, but perhaps didn't fully achieve the objective
(1) Does not meet course objective: The student did not perform to his or her ability and did not meet the objective

Academic Integrity and Upward Bound Plagiarism Policy

Students are expected to practice the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all of their academic work. Please be sure to carefully and properly document the use of outside sources. Any form of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating, and misrepresentation) may result in disciplinary action. Please see the Upward Bound Plagiarism Policy.

Internet Usage Ground Rules

The following is the Upward Bound internet use policy:

  1. Students caught improperly surfing (1st offense) will receive an automatic "no pass" for the week in that class and will have their stipends reduced.
  2. Students caught improperly surfing (2nd offense) will receive an automatic "no pass" for the week in that class and will lose classroom computer privileges.
  3. Students caught viewing pornographic material will be sent to Leah's office immediately and will face suspension from the summer program.

You may use the few minutes before class starts to check Facebook or watch cat videos, but once the clock says it is time to start, you need to be on this wiki.

Finally, a Plan

Week 1

Tuesday, June 14 Pre-test and intro to the course
Wed., June 15 work on Wiki Name Pages
Thursday, June 16 Welcome to Wiki / Meet Lucy the Giant pages 1-9

Week 2

Monday, June 20 Pages 9-19, 2nd part of chapter 1
Tuesday, June 21 Pages 20-35, Chapter 2
Wed., June 22 Pages 36-50, Chapter 3
Thursday, June 23 Pages 51-64, Chapter 4

Week 3

Monday, June 27 Pages 65-84, Chapter 5
Tuesday, June 28 Pages 85-105, Chapter 6
Wed., June 29 Pages 106-118, Chapter 7
Thursday, June 30 Pages 119-152, Chapter 8 & 9

Week 4

Monday, July 4 NO CLASSES
Tuesday, July 5 NO CLASSES
Wed., July 6 Pages 153-164, Chapter 10
Thursday, July 7 Pages 165-174, Chapter 11

Week 5

Monday, July 11 Pages 175-187, Chapter 12
Tuesday, July 12 Pages 188-196, Chapter 13
Wed., July 13 Pages 197-end, Chapter 14 & epilogue
Thursday, July 14 class wrap-up and post-test
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