Jazmine Puello


  • soccer
  • painting
  • reading
  • being awesome


the charlie bone series

they are my favorite books because, it is about having power. to me its real in a way.its about magic.

t.v. shows

3rd rock from the sun

its comedy without being gross. its smart comedy. it was from back in the late 1990's. i watch it on netflix

the lorax


the lorax is about being nice to the earth and i think its really nice, and cute.research notes jazmine

ONCE upon a time.

this is the best show ever! its about all the fairy tales, but in real life! its super awesome.

goals for the future…AND BEYOND!

in high school i want to pass and exceed in all my classes, be social and be fit.
in college i want to be social, fit, smart, and extremely independent. i don't want to be living with my parents, but living with them would be a good idea because then i wouldn't have to pay rent, and i would get home cooked meals everyday.
when i am a grown adult i want to have a career somewhere in the medical field. i want to help people. either that or be a manager o some sort.
+if i could meet any celebrity from any time, it would be….
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because i want to ask him what it was like behind the scenes of 3rd rock from the sun.https://tinselblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/lorax-character-mr-4.jpg


outline (JAZMINE)
informative essay puello



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