Jalen Kelly

Introduction And A Little Bit About Me

Boozhoo my name is Jalen, Jay or even JayDawg and yes it has to be spelt Dawg.
I'm 14 a freshman and this is my first year at Upward Bound and I already like it here like a lot.I have many hobbies of a mixed variety so I like to say i would be half-nerd and half-athlete. Mainly because of the way they're mixed but hey what do I know?


I like to play all sports but I mostly like to play Basketball even though I'm not good at it I'm a Glass Cleaner but I do have some decent Post Up moves. I really like Basketball over Football and Baseball because I know a lot more about it, I'm the most knowledgeable towards Basketball than any other sport.

Most of The Stuff I Do

  • Magic The Gathering
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Videos Games
  • Play The Trombone

Goals I'm Finna Do

My Parents are forcing me to go to college but I'm fine with that. I have quite a few goals so I'm just going to list them off.

  • Go to UND
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Visit Russia
  • Graduate College

Links To Stuff I Like

New Orleans Pelicans
Favorite Author

Class Work

Research Notes Jalen
Outline Kelly
Theseus Statement
Informative Essay Jalen
Informative Essay Peer Review JayDawg

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