Jaiden Wangstad

welcome friends

My name is Jaiden and i go to bagley high school i grew up in Clearbrook where my parents owned a Restaurant thenn moved now im in tenth grade i was born on July tenth at like two in the morning i have 6 siblings two bros four sisters i plan on doing stuff with my life not living in the background being unnoticed. thats just not as much fun. i get this question alot but i have decided too turn down the NFL and MLB because i want to travel the world and not be tied down by a team. i play baseball doe and its fun anyway back to me, my dream car is a big yellow hummer with detachable ducati like a bawss. and i want to be in a transformers movie prefferably with Ariana Grande and a bunch of other cool peeps.

some stuff about me

  • I play baseball and football
  • I absolutely love watching movies
    1. my favorite would have to be longest yard w/ Adam Sandler
  • i dont really know what genre of books i like i just randomly get a book i really like
    • Like the hunger games or maze runner.

Life goals

  • in five years i would like to have graduated college and begin my life as Jaiden the (adult)
  • in ten years i want to have a high paying job and if anything a Ducati so i can ride in style. i might move to Colorado and learn to snowboard even better like a bawss. and marry some super model or wicked smart babe? or somewhere in between maybe…Yeah
  • in twenty years oh man ill be all old and settled down and have like ten kids and live in a big house and ride my elevator down to my basement that looks like Tony Stark's Lab and work on my hover car.
  • and if i could meet one famous person it would be… will smiths son since we have the same name we could be Jaiden squared plus his house is like ligit sooo.

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