It's A Dirty Job Project Busick

It's a Dirty Job

Recycle Ashland

If you were to get a recycling plant, it would reduce your community's need for a new landfill or incinerator. It would save many natural resources, cuts energy use, reduces air pollution, and money. A recycling plant would cost a lot but it would still cost less then a landfill plant or incinerator. Landfills or incinerators cost a couple hundred million dollars, recycling plants cost about $12 million. A recycling plant would employe ten times more people than a landfill plant or incinerator ever would. Recycling would save a bunch of money for your city. Ashland produces about 1,397,500 lbs. of waste everyday from all 325,000 residents. 60% of Ashland's waste is recyclable, that's 838,500 lbs. of waste that can be recycled. If Ashland had its own recycling plant, it could sell the reclaimed material to help pay to keep the plant operating. It might be difficult to find a market to sell all of the recycled materials to. Or it might be difficult to find people to work the plant, because they have to be educated to work at the recycling plant. If you pick to build a recycling plant over a landfill, it will take away a lot of peoples jobs but, there is a free class people could take so they're eligible to work at the recycling plant.

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