Izaiah Asher
MCA Writing 1
Ms. Bernard
25 June 2015

Outlines and Verbs

Thesis sentence: Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
1. No school
2. Hang with my friends
3. Family has “game night”

Transition sentence: All week long I wait for Saturday
Saturday is my favorite day of the week. First, there is no school. Next, I get to hang out with my friends all day. Finally, each Saturday my family has a new “game night.” Because of these reasons, all week long I wait for Saturday
Thesis sentence: People under the age of 18 should not be able to get a tattoo.
1. Poor choice – tattoos are permanent
2. Stretch out when you’re older
3. Expensive
Transition sentence: You’re only a kid once, so wait until you’re an adult to do adult stuff.

People have created are for tens of thousands of years. Cultures use art to help express feelings and to reveal the world around us. Tattooing is an art form found in most cultures around the world. In addition to showing feelings, tattoos have the ability to reveal a person’s unique individuality. But recently a trend has started where younger people are getting tattooed. People under the age of 18 should not be able to not get tattoos because they might make a poor choice and tattoos are permanent, tattoos tend to stretch out as people get older, and finally, tattoos are very expensive.
Bigfoot is a mythical creature that has been argued to be real for many years now. Bigfoot has been in pop culture for years. Along with every other mythical creatures they are fake. Some people believe they are real and some people are convinced they have seen Bigfoot before. But there’s so many more signs leading to it not existing then existing. In all of the time humans have lived on Earth there has been no one to have ever catch one or see one and get it on video. I just don’t believe a creature could hide that long from humans and never have been hunted and killed. The one main reason I think people still believe in Bigfoot are all the television shows they put out claiming they are going to find Bigfoot. That’s just a sad attempt for those people who make those shows to get some money.

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