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Seismology, and modern day Technology

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Alot has been said about earthquakes.
From chinese, and japanese folklore, to the technology today.
the new tech helps us to find earthquakes.
And to give us a better understanding of them.
Seismology has been told in folktales of ancient cultures, and also now, in modern day technology.

2nd paragraph

in eastern Asia like China, and Japan folktales have been told about earthquakes.
A Japanese folktale states that a giant catfish lives in the earth, and when the fish thrashes it causes and earthquake.(bolt, pg; inside cover.)
In this folklore, the god superior from the Kashima shrine tells the lesser god to hit a pivot stone on the catfish to warn other catfish, thus causing an earthquake.
(bolt, pg; inside cover.)
In the nineteen nineties the Japanese jinxed themselves.
They were trying to predict when the next major earthquakes would occur, and where.
But in 1995, an unexpected earthquake struck the large Japanese city of Kobe devastating parts of the city.

3rd paragraph

Many earthquakes have occurred over time. Form Japan in 2011, to earthquakes that occurred hundreds, or thousands of years ago.
These are some of the earthquakes that have occurred in Europe. Like on November 1, 1755 in Lisbon Italy. This earthquake left 60,000 dead.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)
Or, February 5, 1783 in Calabria Italy. This earthquake left 50,000 dead.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)
Not all earthquakes occur in Europe or the America's, they happen in other places too. Like in Kansu China, December 16, 1920. This earthquake left 100,000 dead.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)
Or in October 28, 1923, in Kwanto Japan. This earthquake left 100,000 dead.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)

4th paragraph

Modern technology has had an influence in earthquakes and seismology as well. form the earthquake sensor of ancient China, to the modern seismographs we have today.
As we can see, technology has progressed for ancient times to the present era.
some of the new inventions that has been invented now is the richter scale. The richter scale is a scale that shows the intensity of an earthquake as it passes througha given area.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)
The richter scale is measured for 1.0-9.9 so far.(pg. 6, Hodgson.)
there are also now ways to track earthquakes now as well.
If an earthquake does occur and people need to get to the epicenter, they check the seismographs in the area to narrow down the search.
Then they look at a map with the location of the seismographs on the map, then the input the data using circles, and where 3 circle collide at one exact location, that is where the epicenter is.


Earthquakes have been recorded in ancient history.
They have been told in folklore about there orgin as well.
And alot of these eathquakes have struck populated cities, and some have struck in rural places too.
But we now have alot of new technology so that we now how they occur, the intensities, and where they strike.
Earthquakes have gone a long way in history from ancient China, and Japan to modern day technology and tracking systems to make the world better.

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