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The Walking Dead/ Zombie films in history

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— Zombie filming has been popular for a very long time. And with my opinion I think its going to be popular for a lot longer. Its been popular since about 1932 but
I'm not 100% positive about that statement. Not everything on the internet is true. Also the first ever zombie movie is claimed to be White Zombie, therefor would have been made in 1932.
Now to talk about the Main topic that got me interested on this topic, The Walking Dead. Which is AMC's hit TV show. So the first episode of The Walking Dead is Days Gone By.
And coming from me, A fan of TWD ( The Walking Dead) I'm going to tell you the 100% honest truth of what I thought. I didn't like it. I thought it was boring and dumb because it didn't catch my
attention RIGHT AWAY. But I decided to keep watching and I discovered that I actually LOVE the show.

—The walking dead was once recorded as the number one most viewed show on television. How do I know that? Well I know this because I did research on the internet.
Yes, I know the internet can't be trusted all the time but it was also announced on amc after a few episodes. I'm not sure if it is still rated that way or not. Zombie movies are constantly being watched.
This is because they are constantly being made, and there for watched by people. The walking dead is going on to season 6, which has the viewers watching it every Sunday, when the new ones are
being shown. And if the viewers own it they can watch it when ever. Also a lot of people probably own older movies made further back. And will watch them for the action.

—The zombie apocalypse is going to keep you entertained by the plotting. That is depending on what the plotting is. My opinion is if they are some where and its 100% safe like nothing is going to find
them its boring. But if they are walking through the woods and are looking around and are on point with there search its amazing. There has to be some type of action and fighting for me to enjoy it. They cant be really safe because that is lame to be the perfect calming spot, where there's nothing going on. I mean in some situations its nice to have a nice calm, safe, Breather. And you can catch up on what has been happening. And when it is crazy intense and action packed its entertaining. The blood and gore, It can be intense on the level where its like " Ew, really" the nasty and gross things they do with blood is unbelievable. And blood on TV shows don't disgust me to badly but some of the things is terribly gross. But at other points it isn't bad at all and has like no blood, gore or anything. The characters in the shows are going to keep the show going strong as well. There going to be working together and building a friendship. Them getting to know each other shows how much people are actually alike. They are going to get to know a lot about each other and how they work together well in different ways. There later on are going to build a relationship as if the were originally family. That will build love for one another. And make the audience like the characters more. And the loss of them if they are killed off in the show will hurt not only the characters in the show, but also the audience is going to be sad.

All the fighting is going to help a little built too. And everyone is going to get mad or even just upset at a fight or even a little argument. But the littlest things can break someone out of the group. Its funny how things like that can hurt the group really badly. Also if your favorite character is in a fight your going to want to know how its going to end and that is going to keep you watching. Your going to want to know what is going to happen. And how its going to grow into possibly a huge fight and get the entire group possibly in the fight to back up the person or even to go against the person. And if they go against you will get mad and want to know how it will end. Even if they are going for your character your going to want to know what will happen. But those fights aren't going to completely hurt the group but it might even make them closer as I said in the paragraph before with the family bonding.

— In conclusion i hope this got you into the zombie obsession. And if it didn't that's okay not everyone likes stuff like that. I think that the family bonding and the friendship.
Zombie may keep your attention on topics. I mean there's a lot more to them then i explained.

Informative essay Peer Review Tori Howard

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