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Aliens and Fantasy-Prone Syndrome

There are certain forms of lighting that make you think you see an alien craft. some people suffer from illnesses that cause them to believe there is an alien chip in them. some people suffer from sleep deprivation which causes hallucinations.
Aliens are a symptom of fantasy-prone syndrome
fantasy syndrome is a mental illness that is not genetic, anyone can have it. it can start anywhere between childhood and adulthood. for example, Marshall apple white, a man with a successful life, claimed to be a messenger of higher intelligences, along with someone named Bonnie Lu Trousdale nettles.fantasy prone syndrome can be acquired at any age , at anytime, it can be completely random! in some cases, children having an imaginary friend, in others you might've thought you saw a UFO or you might've had an out of body experience. studies show that a person who is an excellent hypnotic subject or who claim to have received messages from higher intellegences do have fantasy syndrome. studies also show that people who claim to see apparitions, or ghosts, also have fantasy syndrome, there are other sins of fantasy syndrome too.
Whitley Streiber is an author who's story, he claims, is true.some of his fictional works, like the communion he claims is true.he says it is a first hand account of his encounters with alien creatures. he said his mind was flooded with images of anxiety, doubt, and it a hoax or is it a serious illness.Ernest h. taves was reading though Strieber's story, and decided that Strieber was either mentally ill, or he was trying to fool his readers and his publisher. Streiber is suffering from physical problems, and he is alienated from his wife.
Henry James was sitting in his chair one afternoon when he felt an evil invisible presence, like Strieber his mind was flooded with images of despair,doubt, and anxiety.Henry too, wrote an account about his encounter with an alien creature.his son, Henry James Jr., dealt with the lingering threat of the events in his fictions, the turn of the screw, and the jolly corner.i think it is fantasy was a presence, not something that was seen.his mind was flooded with images of despair, doubt and anxiety. which must mean that he was getting scared, not that the "alien creature" put those images in there.
Are aliens real? or are they a symptom of fantasy syndrome….
fantasy syndrome is an illness that is not genetic, anyone can acquire it.Whitley Strieber is an author who's alien encounter story he thinks is true.another author by the name of Henry James senior was sitting outside in his chair one afternoon when he felt an evil presence, his mind was also flooded with despair, anxiety, and doubt, like Strieber. but, there is till a possibility that maybe, just maybe, this is a cover-up of something even BIGGER…

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