Informative Essay Peer Review Makenzie


  1. state your topic here: Jack Russell Terriers
  2. Bold your thesis statement.
  3. Underline the passages you feel confident about.
  4. Change the color of sections of the text you find troublesome. Ask for specific advice here: Does it make sense? Yes

Reviewers -

  • What advice do you have for the writer concerning the passages she or he find troublesome? Maybe have it so its said as "They are a good family companion, but they can be aggressive to other dogs and are better on their own. You said that the Parson Russell Terrier was to hunt rats not the Jack Russell Terriers, so maybe talk about how they started to hunt rats.
  • What are the most memorable pieces of writing? The introduction with Twinkie When you talked about their life expectancy.
  • Is the introduction effective? How could it be more engaging? Very engaging, yes. Same.
  • What questions are you left with after reading this essay? How much space is needed on average? Where is your story about your dog?
  • What does the writer still need to work on? Kind of repeats "Good family dog." Nothing much.
  • What is the essay's greatest strength? It is put together very well. Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs and need space to run around.

Greta Nahayla

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