Informative Essay Peer Review Jessica


  1. state your topic here:
  2. Bold your thesis statement.
  3. Underline the passages you feel confident about.
  4. Change the color of sections of the text you find troublesome. Ask for specific advice here:


  • What advice do you have for the writer concerning the passages she or he find troublesome? nothings cs
  • What are the most memorable pieces of writing? Guys dont get to cheerlead back then cs
  • Is the introduction effective? How could it be more engaging? for cheerleading type of people or football fans-cs
  • What questions are you left with after reading this essay? Nothing-cs
  • What does the writer still need to work on? Maybe stretch it out to other country's besides bemidji cheerleading CS
  • What is the essay's greatest strength? irt goes back to the beginning of cheerleader CS

Um Probably within that paragraph name off the requirements and not have them repeated as a list.

That Bemidji was in the top 20.

Yes and no I think you could have spread it out more and made another paragraph on that.

Is cheerleading considered a sport by the Minnesota State High School League?

Name more facts about it and what they do and name some stuff they do within cheer.

Naming facts.


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