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Topics like this are sometimes mixed up with just an old creaking board in a house, a loose hinge making noise, or even just a little bit of dust moving around looking ghostly or unnatural.
Haunting's/paranormal activity is very possible. But you have to be aware of what your surroundings are.

Paranormal activity can be very far fetched. I know I'm proving either a lot of it right or a lot of it wrong. But that doesn't mean that I don't believe in it. I don't know if I do or not. But I do know that this is sure a pretty creepy subject. A few things I was going to read, I stayed away from. Some things mentioned are real but you have a big difficulty trying to prove it and when you do prove it you better hope that your right and somebody else doesn't come in trying to prove you're information wrong. I'm not sure if I would say that haunting's are fake and I'm not going to say they are real. Because I could argue both of those points. I will just say that it can be both. It kind of just depends on who it is, and where it is located. So even though I'm writing this essay on haunting's, It definitely doesn't mean I know a lot about the subject, it doesn't mean that I'm going to say it's real and that's it. OR its fake cause it can't always be proved. I have mentioned what your surroundings or what other people are saying can play with your head. Check what's around you. Boards will creak, Doors will screech, But you have to be smart enough to find that out for yourself and not freak out instantly thinking something is in your house. I'm going to tell you that something in the house is you. You're the one that's scaring yourself. Our minds can do insanely crazy things.

Mackenzie House Haunting. Fate magazine had carried the story of the alleged haunting. In 1962 renovations had bought reports from workmen who had said that a sawhorse and drop sheets were moved during night hours. But another incident had claimed that the men were caught up in a big lie, and that they were playing pranks on each other just trying to scare each other. That shows that you can't just say that there is a so called ghost in your house because friends like to pull pranks on each other. It will happen. I'm not sure what kind of pranks, but you can never be sure all people are different. Yet all of our friendships are going to be far more different you never know who's who or what's what. Friends can be mean to each other but each one of us know that they are just joking around with each other. And if you are seeing shadows don't jump to conclusions. Check if there are cars with the lights making things show up. Check if there are street lights near. Are there lamps, or any kind of lights in your house that are facing something causing a shadow to appear. Don not play any of those games. A good example would be the Ouija board, or 12 O'clock. They are going to mess with your head because you have heard the rumors of them being a real thing. But I mean common. The other world That is not a game. Don't play with it. Don't try to be apart of it. Because you never know what you are getting yourself into.

It was noticed that the "extras" or a faded looking object was due to the recycling of used photo graphic plates. Just insufficient cleaning on your cameras film. You know how everybody makes mistakes? Well these mistakes are more common to happen than you are probably thinking. And maybe its your shadowy reflection. So stop and think. Try to make out the facial features and any other features. Just to see what you can see. Even with your phone or IPod's camera can do that. Not every time. But if the light catches it right, there might be that look of something being there. A lot of people will take a picture and there will just be a reflection from something surrounding them. A mirror, a friend, a dresser, a bed, It might just be a spec of dust. You think that's crazy? It's not. It's just the truth. There are so many different things that can give you false information of a possible spirit or something being with you. The picture just wipes off. Layer by layer. So when the cleaner thinks that the film is clean there might just be one or two layers of that photo left. And when it hits light it will be more visible. And every time you hit the right light and take a picture that will show up. But people don't really realize that the person that is there with them is the same every time. Standing the same, Wearing the same thing, In the exact same spot in the picture, and that just about every feature on the picture is going to be the same as the one before with that reflection.

There are many different definitions all kind of adding to the same thing. So here is the average of what researchers found to be the most answered definition or the definition they got from what was explained. Satan, or the Devil, is the evil one who in Christian doctrine is a fallen angel who established the netherworld kingdom of hell. Demons are spirits in which Christianity are associated exclusively with evil and thus are seen as the Devils agents. Witches, considered malevolent in most cultures are those who practice the black arts, who are therefore in a league with, and who worship, the Devil. Some of the people that got haunted think that things are worse than others or that there is no such thing as it or that maybe the devil causes it all to happen the way he wants to and that haunting is just the Devil being in a different form every time that there is an appearance. People are all different. Meaning that what they see, think, or hear is going to be different than what somebody else has seen, thought, or heard. Which gives us our variations and different theory's to just about everything. What we think, hear and see is sometimes just because of how we were raised. Because if there is a kid that is raised in a house that doesn't talk about ghosts or anything. Do you think that they are going to think they are seeing something maybe as much as a kid raised in a family that always talks about haunting's and claims that it has happened to them?

What I am saying is that haunting's can be very rare and can just be your mind playing with you. Haunting's have very often be proved as a false happening. Or because people want attention. A story I read about this got you into it, told you about the haunting. And every little detail. It hooked you in. But the last paragraph explained how it was proven false. So if you are thinking there is a haunting, check floor boards, check door hinges, check anything that can make a noise that will startle you. If you see a shadowy figure in your picture, go somewhere else with the same lighting, and hold your phone or whatever your taking the photograph with, if it doesn't show up. Well then the figure was a reflection, or an unclean film. I'm not saying that haunting's and paranormal activity is a myth. I'm saying its rare. Haunting's can very well happen. But even haunting's that have been declared as true and real have later on been thought about and said that a spot they didn't investigate or are in the house just had something loose so they were then called a misunderstanding. Case closed. You have to look at all your possibility's. Do the three L's. Look, Listen, and Learn. When you are explaining to somebody your so called haunting. DON'T leave anything out! DON'T lie about any information! Tell them spot on with what you are experiencing. Because if you leave out something they can directly, without going to your home that you are experiencing call it false behavior that can link to everything else other than a haunting. You need to be 100% about everything. Don't be like you ordering food for the first time with out help. Don't be going.. "Umm. I want a burger. with ketchup, and I want fries." They will put ketchup on the burger. Not on the side with the fries how you wanted. That goes with your information. Someone will throw stuff together that doesn't belong together. And will leave stuff alone on the side. you need to be exactly how you want it said. So you would say "I would like a burger with ketchup on the side, and I would even like some fries to go with that." State it how you are thinking it. If you think that you aren't crazy… Just wait. Your area of craze will approach you and drive you completely insane until you find out that there really isn't anything trying to drive you to be crazy. Its just going to happen.

Tori Howard. Peer Review

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