Maddie's Informative Essay

The Women of Motocross

I have been interested in motocross for four years. For those who don't know, motocross is a sport in which you race a motorcycle that is, in most cases, at least twice your weight, with modified suspension, knobby tires, and a motor that puts out up to 60+ horsepower. You race these wicked machines on a dirt track consisting of a number of jumps, corners, and other obstacles against other riders on bikes that are all about the same size motor. The objective is to be the fastest rider in your class, which does not come easy. Most riders have suffered one or more broken bones in attempting to be number one, others have suffered life long injuries, and some have died. Because of how extreme and male-dominated the sport is, many fans of motocross and supercross doubt women who try to successfully compete in men's division, which has motivated them to be faster and better than the boys.

For many years, women were not allowed to ride at all, needless to say with the men. One of the first women to prove the ladies could be faster than the guys was Italian racer Stefy Bau. She got her first dirtbike at the age of four years old and it did not take her parents long to realize she had a natural talent. Her parents were judged by other adults for letting their little girl grow up doing something that was only for men, especially being in Italy, as it is a more conservative country. That never stopped their family's passion for racing. At her first official race in 1983 at the age of 6, she came in 3rd. After that, she won every race she participated in that year. When Women's MX officially became a class in the AMA Motocross Championship in 1996, after men's division had been going on since 1972, Stefy went on to win the Women's Championship in 1999 and 2002. She also became the first woman to compete in a male All-World Motocross event.

There are many fans of the sport who doubt women who try to qualify with men in motocross or supercross, but it's been proven it can be done. In 2014, Vicki Golden became the first woman to place within the top ten in Arenacross, which gained her a gate at Supercross 2015. In case you're wondering, Supercross is the same thing as motocross, only it's on a track that is indoors with more challenging rhythm sections and takes place during the winter months. Golden is the only woman to ever compete in a Monster Energy supercross event and qualify within the "Fast 40", who are the 40 racers who compete in the main event. She accomplished this astounding feat at Los Vegas supercross 2015. Because of all the events she had competed in from 2000 to 2014, she was also nominated for an ESPY Award for Best Female Action Sport Athlete.

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