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Almost everybody has a dog. Little kids think they have been around forever. Adults maybe think that too. Yes, they have been around for a long time, but not forever. Even though dogs are fun, they come with a lot of responsibility. They go to the bathroom, chew on things, eat food, drink water, they need to be clean, and need exercise. When somebody gets a dog, they are getting a lot of responsibility, along with a new pet.


All of the many different breeds of dogs all come from the exact same ancestor. The reason they don't all look the same, is because they are all a mix of different wild animals, along with that one ancestor they have in common. The shape of the dog's head and teeth come from a small wolf. Dogs are said to be bred from a wolf and a golden jackal. The first dog was discovered in either Europe or Asia. A fragment of jaw was found in Germany and said to be about 14,000 years old, which may be the oldest remains ever found of a domestic dog. Bone fragments were found in Iraq where an entire skeleton of a four to five month old puppy was buried with their owner 12,000 years ago. These and other discoveries indicate that wolves were domesticated before any other discoveries.


Many tests were done on dogs to see exactly where they come from. There was a behavior test done to find out the behavior patterns. The patterns show behavior of some wolf ancestry. In one study, it showed that a total of ninety different behavior patterns recorded, only nineteen of those patterns weren't found in wolves. The nineteen that were not found in wolves, are most likely also in wolves, but just hasn't been tested yet.

Having a Healthy Dog

To have a healthy dog, they must have proper nutrition, they must be groomed regularly, they at least once a week, they should be taught good behavior, they need vaccinations, and most importantly, they need lots of love. Dogs can't say what they feel, so the owners must pay attention to the dogs to know what they want or need.Every dog is an individual with their own personality. The behavior that could be normal for one dog, could mean something is wrong if another dogs acts the same way. That is why it is hard for owners to have multiple dogs. This is why the owners must become close and create a bond with their pet. If you own multiple dogs, you need to find stuff for all your dogs, because they won't be interested in the same stuff. You need to know your dog very well to know if they are sick or not. Some dogs will act a certain way when they are sick, and others may act that way all the time.


When your dog is sick, it is kind of nice to know what is wrong with your dog. There are many sicknesses out their, but here are the main ones to look out for.

1. Food Poisoning

  • Caused by eating bad food
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

2. Gastritis

  • Inflammation of stomach
  • Poor appetite
  • Vomiting

3. Gastric Dilation

  • Lots of gas
  • Life threatening
  • Occurs most in Bloodhounds, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and Irish Setters


In conclusion, there is a lot of stuff about dogs. This paper could have kept going on forever with facts about dogs. They have a lot of responsibility. A lot of dogs need to be taken care of better than some humans. It is smart to live without a dog until you are willing to commit to putting all your extra time toward the dog.

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