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people wonder why kids play video games the kids say"there sooo fun","can i get this one mommy" over and over spoiled i know, but what people don't know that there's a lot of academic studies behind it, they think any geek with a computer can do that. but people don't know theirs a lot of people behind it they come together and talk about how to make the game really good to attract the audiences attention, OK on to another topic.
Facts% 42% of women play video games more than boys. US computer and video game software sales generated 10.5m in 2009. 64%of parents believe games are a positive part of their children's life.
Thesis statement:when most people think of video games, they tend to dislike them because some may have mature content. these people may be surprised to learn that there are a lot of academic studies behind gaming.

Art and Design Studies
the video game animators examine the elements of 'GAME ART" such as character and level design, and , more generally the ways in which video games are made to appeal to certain audiences.

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