Hazy Dearth


Hey, My name is Hazy


A few things about me

Again…Hello, I'm Hazy Dawn. I have 2 siblings, 1 younger brother named Marshall and 1 younger sister named Amee. My favorite show is American Horror Story because the show is different from other mainstream shows.
The show goes into depth of say psychological disorders and things most people are scared of which interests me. Music is kinda my life <3. I play the magical instrument called the flute.
I also sing, I sing in my schools choir within which I'm a soprano. Every year I sing in my county fairs talent show in which the past two years I've came in 3rd place. One of my favorite past times is ether sleeping or reading. My favorite book is A Work In Progress written by Connor Franta. Um that's all I guess!

  • I plan on counseling troubled teens when I get older.
  • I want to be a author.
  • I would love to study physiological disorders along side counseling when I'm older.


A Work In Progress (My fave Book)
John Green <3
Purdue Owl


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