Film Studies May 1 5

Monday, May 1

  • Finish Empire of the Sun
  • Write 2 paragraphs comparing and contrasting E.T. and Empire of the Sun:
    • 1st: In what ways are the cinematography styles similar between the two movies and how does this produce a similar effect on the audience?
    • 2nd: In what ways are the styles and shot trends of both films different and how do those differences impact the audience? Turn these in by the end of the hour
  • Read H. Hinson's review of Empire and find two things that you agree with in the review and two things that you disagree with. This is due tomorrow

Quiz on cinematography tomorrow

Tuesday, May 2

  • Turn in your response to Hal Hinson's review of Empire of the Sun
  • Quiz on Cinematography
  • Narrative structure — Guided Notes
  • Activity p. 121-122: character, motivation, conflict, and obstacles. Turn in when complete. Due tomorrow

Wednesday, May 3

  • Finish Narrative Structure notes
  • Start viewing The Godfather — take notes on narrative structure

Thursday, May 4 - May 5

Finish viewing The Godfather — take detailed notes

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