Film Studies April 24 28

Monday, April 24

  • Cinematography 101 video
  • With a group of 2-3, compare your notes on E.T. — What did you see? Make a chart or a list: exposure, speed, focus, depth of field, perspective, and camera position

Tuesday, April 25

  • Watch Allen Daviau talk about the making of E.T.
  • Finish cinematography notes: distance and movement
  • Complete distance activity (p.71) and hand in with exposure activity from last week.

Homework: Read "All of the Lights" and write a reaction paragraph making note of what you found interesting in the article and why. Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26

Thursday, April 27

  • Camera Angle and Distance Poster due at the start of the hour
  • Structured notes handout for Empire of the Sun
  • Begin viewing Empire of the Sun — take notes!

Friday, April 28

  • Finish viewing Empire of the Sun and discuss
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