English 9 Week 7

Friday, March 18

  • DOL and hand in
  • Vocab test
  • Finish poster presentations for those that were gone earlier in the week.
  • 30 minutes of independent novel reading

Thursday, March 17

  • DOL
  • Review vocab
  • Discuss study guide questions
  • Listen to first part of the second chapter in Of Mice and Men

Wednesday, March 16

  • DOL
  • Finish discussing the background information from the study guide and PowerPoint
  • Begin listening to the book. Listen to the first chapter and complete the study guide questions for the first chapter.

To listen to the text:

Tuesday, March 15

  • DOL
  • Of Mice and Men Study guides and background information
  • Watch Steinbeck biography and write down 15 facts about him, the era, or his work.

Monday, March 14

  • DOL
  • Finish poster presentations
  • 30 minutes to work on vocab packets for lesson 4

Vocab packets are due Friday
Vocab test Friday

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