English 9 Week 3

Friday, February 19

  • DOL and hand in for the week
  • Rough drafts are due today! Show either myself or Ms. Krause and then go to the break out to do the peer review process.
  • When your peer review is complete, show either myself or Ms. Krause and then go into the English Lab to type your final draft.

This is the last day we are working on these. If you do not finish, then you have homework this weekend.

Final Drafts, turned in with your rough draft, peer review comments, and character analysis packets are due on Monday at the start of class!!

Thursday, February 18

  • DOL
  • Writing effective conclusions
  • Outline your conclusion for your character analysis paper
  • When you are done outlining, start writing your rough draft. These are due tomorrow at the start of class!

Wednesday, February 17

  • DOL
  • Go over sample introductions
  • In pairs, draw a thesis out of the blue bowl and write a practice intro. When you are done, turn in your Sample Introductions handout.
  • Outline your introduction for your character analysis essay
  • Introduce information on Writing a Good Conclusion

After today, you should have all three body paragraphs outlined and your introduction outlined in your Character Analysis packet.

Tuesday, February 16

  • DOL
  • Review Quote Sandwich structure
  • Finish outlining your body paragraphs. This should be done by the end of the hour. When you are done, have a teacher check them over.
  • Writing Effective Introductions handout and the first part of the Sample Introductions handout — identifying hooks, bridges, and thesis statements.

Monday, February 15


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