English 9 Week 2

Friday, February 12

  • DOL week 2 day 5 and hand in DOL for the week
  • Vocab packet due
  • Vocab test
  • Quote Sandwich Quiz
  • Independent Novel Reading and double entry journals (remember: 2 double entry journals each week)

Thursday, February 11

  • DOL week 2, day 4
  • review thesis statements
  • review vocab words
  • Discuss what Commentary means
  • Outline body paragraphs
  • Review Quote Sandwich format — Quiz tomorrow!

Vocab packets due tomorrow!!
Vocab test tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 10

  • DOL Week 2, day 3
  • Review thesis statements and do the thesis worksheet.
  • Introduced character analysis writing assignment and did the brainstorming page, thesis statement, and three traits with quotes. If you didn't finish in class, finish this portion tonight and bring it back completed tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9

  • DOL Week 2, Day 2
  • Hand in Dialogue Comic Strips, if you haven't already
  • Introduction to Quote Sandwich format
    • with a partner, write a Quote Sandwich paragraph in response to the following question: Why do you think Brandon gets in trouble so frequently?

Monday, February 8

  • DOL Week 2, Day 1
  • Hand in character sketches
  • 30 minutes to work on Vocab packet for week 1
  • Dialogue Comic Strips depict a scene with at least three instances of dialogue from "My Hero"

Dialogue Comic Strips due tomorrow
Vocab Packets due Friday
Vocab Test Friday

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