English 9 Week 14

Friday, May 6

  • DOL and turn in
  • Vocab test
  • Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, May 5

  • DOL
  • Finish watching Animal Farm
  • Work on vocab packets — these are due tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 4

  • DOL
  • Animal Farm Unit Test
  • Watch Animal Farm movie

Tuesday, May 3

  • DOL
  • Finish laying out your newspapers and turn in
  • Review for Animal Farm test tomorrow

Monday, May 2

  • DOL
  • Revise drafts of newspaper pieces — type up in computer lab, print out and arrange on final (large) paper. This is our only day in the computer lab.
    • Must have:
      • name for your paper
      • categories clearly marked
      • colored comics
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