English 9 Week 12

Friday, April 22

  • Discuss 1st two chapters of Animal Farm
  • In groups of 2-3, discuss and write down your answers to the following questions from page 817: 6, 7, 8, and 11. Hand these answers in.
  • Time for reading and working on the study guide

Homework: pages 818-823 (chapters 3-4) and study guide questions

To Listen to the Text

Thursday, April 21

  • Hand in Research Papers if you haven't already — they are due today!
  • Lecture and PowerPoint on the background and context of Animal Farm, by George Orwell
  • Time for reading and working on the study guide

Homework: pages 810-817 (chapters 1-2) and study guide questions

Wednesday, April 20

  • Get together with Writer's Circle group to look at editing, which is just mechanics. Look at:
    • spelling
    • punctuation
    • formatting
    • citations
  • When your final draft is perfect, turn it in:
    • rubric on top
    • final draft
    • works cited page
    • rough draft
    • goldenrod packets
  • Return to the classroom to watch the movie The Most Dangerous Game

Tuesday, April 19

  • Rough drafts due at the start of the hour!
  • Review Writer's Circles and the revising process
  • Go to the iMac lab and conference with either myself or Ms. Krause if you have not yet done that, and then meet with another group to do the Writer's Circle part of the packet.

Monday, April 18

  • Talk about citations
  • Go to the iMac lab and sit in your assigned seat
  • Work on rough drafts
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