English 9 Week 1

Monday, February 1

  • Syllabus, classroom expectations, and classroom procedures
  • Characterization icebreaker activity
  • ID card activity — mind-map yourself on an index card in order to introduce yourself to the class. We will have time to work on these tomorrow and they will be due at the start of the hour on Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 2

  • Daily Oral Language — most commonly used editing symbols handout
  • Elements of Literature — Characterization
    • Depth of Character handout — needs to be completed by the end of the hour
  • Time to work on ID cards

Wednesday, February 3

  • Daily Oral Language
  • Present ID Cards to the class and hand them in — they are due today
  • Read "My Hero" as a class and discuss the story
  • Complete a Character Analysis Chart for three of the characters in the story

Thursday, February 4

  • Daily Oral Language
  • Review Character Analysis Charts from yesterday
  • Introduce Independent Novel project
  • Go to the Media Center to browse and select a novel for this project

Friday, February 5

  • DOL — I will collect these today. Two points for each day you have completed DOL.
  • Introduction of Double Entry Journal requirement for independent novel project — you will need to complete two each week.
  • 30 minutes for independent novel reading.
  • Review of writing terminology and topic sentences.
  • Character Sketch assignment — 1/2 page character sketch due on Monday
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