English 10 Week 9

Monday, November 2

  • New Seating Chart
  • Read and discuss Act 5, scene 1
    • Act 5, scene 1 study guide questions
  • Introduce Much Ado About Nothing Essay assignment.

Audio for Act 5

Tuesday, November 3

  • Read and discuss Act 5, scene 2
    • Complete Act 5, scene 2 study guide questions
  • While you are working on questions, I will come around and check your thesis statements, which are due today.
  • Read and discuss Act 5, scenes 3-4
    • Finish study guide questions for the play!

Outline for the essay is due on Thursday
2nd hour: I will be checking your study guides for completion on Friday
Test for this unit will be next week on Thursday

Wednesday, November 4

Outline for your Much Ado About Nothing essay is due tomorrow

Thursday, November 5

  • View Acts 4 and 5 of the movie, Much Ado About Nothing
  • checked off completed outlines, which were due today.
  • Any remaining study guide questions?
  • Time to work on rough draft

Friday, November 6

  • Work time for writing the rough draft of the Much Ado About Nothing essays
  • 2nd hour: Study Guides were due
  • Review session for next Thursday's test

Rough Draft of your Much Ado About Nothing Essays are due Monday

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