English 10 Week 5

Monday, October 5

  • Hand in personal narrative essays if you haven't already. They are due today!
  • hand in Locust books
  • While the Locust Slept Summary Test
  • When you finish with the test we will review the last MCA prep, "Queen of the Nile and talk about the grading for these.
  • Then, we will do the MCA prep "Catalina de Erauso"

This week's vocab packet will look a little different. We will start them on Wednesday, review them on Friday, and have the test next Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 6

  • check out Much Ado About Nothing Books
  • Background on Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing — study guides.
    • watch the following mini-bio on Shakespeare and fill out the first page of your study guide. You may work with the person sitting next to you after the film.

  • Review answers
  • discussed the start of the play and then listened to Act 1, scene 1.

  • Work with a partner on the Act 1, scene 1 questions in the study guide.

Wednesday, October 7

  • Finish study guide questions for Act 1, scene 1
  • Start vocab packet for Much Ado About Nothing, week 1

Remember to bring your books, study guides, and vocab packets to class each day

Thursday, October 8

  • Review parts of speech and ways to work with context clues.
  • Time to work on vocab packets.
  • Read act 1, scene 2 and complete study guide question.
  • Read act 1, scene 3 and complete study guide quote responses for Act 1, scenes 1-2.
  • Much Ado vocab 1 packets are due Tuesday, October 13.
  • Much Ado vocab 1 test is Tuesday, October 13!

Friday, October 9

  • Finish Study guide questions for Act 1 and discuss
  • Watch Act 1 of the movie
  • Vocab packet work and questions.

Vocab packets due Tuesday
Vocab Test Tuesday

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