English 10 Week 2 Fall 2017

Monday, Sept. 11

  • Root Words 1 vocab packet: due Thursday
  • DWG: Sentences day 4: Unscramble the sentences
  • Review Quote Sandwiches
  • Write a quote sandwich paragraph answering one of the questions on page 44

Tuesday, Sept. 12

  • Finish and turn in quote sandwich paragraphs with notes from Friday
  • Boarding School internet research activity

Wednesday, Sept. 13

Thursday, Sept. 14

  • Review vocab for tomorrow's test
  • DWG: run-on sentences
  • Owatonna State School background research

Friday, Sept. 15

  • Vocab test! Turn in your packets
  • Check out While the Locust Slept books
  • Read and work on study guides

Homework: pages 3-15 (chapter) and study guide

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