English 10 Week 2

Monday, September 14

  • Warm-Up Free Write:
    • My first great disappointment involved …
    • I learned the true power of authority the time I …
  • Hand out Vocab Packets for lesson 1.
  • Lit Focus: "On a Motorbike" and "Accident"
  • Discussion of author's purpose… Then, listen to the first few minutes of this radio program featuring Kevin Kling.
  • "On a Motorbike" and "Accident:"
    • Listen to the poem, then read silently the prose piece "accident."
    • In small groups, decide what you think the two primary images are from the poem and the prose piece. Then, discuss what these two primary images reveal about:
      • The narrator's character
      • His purpose for writing
      • and the central conflict of these two pieces
    • Groups should take notes for an in-class writing assignment tomorrow

Tuesday, September 15

Lumberjack Schedule

  • Warm-Up Free Write:
    • I learned the true value of friendship the time I …
    • My most embarrassing moment was the time …
  • Quote Sandwich handout.
  • In your groups, choose one of the following options and write one, really solid, Quote Sandwich paragraph:
    • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about the narrator's character?
    • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about Kling's purpose for writing?
      • What do the central images from either the poem or the prose piece reveal about the central conflict of the piece?
    • This is a group writing project, so each group needs to turn in one paper with a QS paragraph by the end of the hour.
  • Start While the Locust Slept. Begin reading with the time they have left.
    • Homework for Wednesday: pages 3-34

Wednesday, September 16

Lumberjack schedule

  • Warm-Up Free Write:
    • I’ll never forget the time a member of my family completely embarrassed me. It was when…
    • The smell I most associate with my childhood home is…
  • MCA prep: "Tea"
    • Read, answer the questions, and respond to the writing prompt.
  • Critical questions from the book? Any areas of confusion? What is the structure or frame of the story?
  • Handouts:
    • Writing good discussion questions and How to prepare for a graded discussion.
  • Tomorrow, we will be having a practice run at a graded discussion. To prepare for that, construct a minimum of 4 good open-ended questions for discussion tomorrow on the first three chapters of the book.
  • Read pages 35-44 in While the Locust Slept

Thursday, September 17

  • Warm-Up Free Write:
    • I will never forget the time I couldn’t stop laughing.
    • The first time I learned that adults are not perfect was the time…
  • While the Locust Slept Quiz 1
  • Practice discussion on the first three chapters of While the Locust Slept.
  • Grammar & Mechanics Thursday: Look-Alike/Sound-Alike Words (2nd hour only)

Remember, Vocab 1 packets are due on Friday. Vocab 1 test on Friday.

Friday, September 18

Lumberjack schedule

  • lesson 1 vocab packets are due
  • Vocab lesson 1 Test
  • For Monday, read pages 45-77 in While the Locust Slept
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