English 10 Week 18

Monday, January 11

  • Review Works Cited page formatting
  • Return to the iMac lab to continue research and note-taking — last day for research!

5 pages of note cards and Works Cited page needs to completed by the end of the hour

Tuesday, January 12

  • Review Outline format and expectations
  • Work on outlining for research paper.
  • Outline is due at the start of the hour tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 13

  • Outline of research paper due at the start of the hour!
  • Once you have the outline checked, you may log on to a computer and begin writing your rough draft.

Thursday, January 14

  • Work on rough drafts.
  • Once you have your rough draft completed, find two other classmates at about the same level of completeness as you. Form a peer review group and let Ms. Hamann know
  • Go through the peer review process, which is on page 16 of your research packet.

Rough Drafts due by the end of the hour today!!
Entire Project is due at the end of the hour tomorrow!!

Friday, January 15

  • Finish your peer reviews.
  • Print off your rough draft with the peer review comments.
  • Then, make revisions and edits.
  • Print off your final copy and hand it in with:
    • Works Cited page
    • rough draft with peer review comments
    • Research Packet

Everything is due at the end of the hour today!!

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