English 10 Week 17

Monday, January 4

  • Persuasion and Rhetoric PowerPoint — take notes
  • With a partner, analyze Robert F. Kennedy's Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.:
    • Write one paragraph for each of the three types of appeals: Ethos, Pathos, Logos (yes, that is three paragraphs total). Identify a quote that shows the appeal and then write 3-4 sentences explaining why and how it shows that type of appeal.

Tuesday, January 5

  • Classical Argument PowerPoint and guided notes
  • Handed out research paper packet

Brainstorming page of packet due tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 6

  • Review Classical Argument
  • Punctuation PowerPoint
  • Work time for research packet — brainstorming list due today

Topic, tentative thesis, and pros and cons list due tomorrow

Thursday, January 7

  • Topic, thesis, and pros & cons list due today!
  • Presentation by Ms. Curran: Media Center Research Databases
  • Go to the iMac lab to begin research and note taking
    • Goal: to have one note card page done by the end of the hour

Friday, January 8

  • Go to the iMac Lab to continue working on research and note taking
    • Goal: 3 sheets done by the end of the hour
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