English 10 Week 12

Monday, November 23

  • Entrance slip: what is propaganda?
  • Finish watching The Wave
  • Discuss the movie — what are the mechanisms of control?
  • 1984 powerpoint — Take notes on setting and characters
  • Check out 1984 books
  • Distribute chapter 1 study guides
  • Audio link for the book: 1984 Audio Book
  • Time at the end of the hour to read and work on study guide

Homework: Chapter 1 (pages 1-20) and the chapter 1 study guide (minus vocab) are due tomorrow!!

Vocab for chapter 1 is due on Wednesday

Tuesday, November 24

  • Study guides for chapter one are due today
  • Any questions/concerns/comments about last night's reading assignment?
  • Discuss Edward Snowden and the NSA
  • Watch a video about Edward Snowden and NSA surveillance
  • What connections can we make between the NSA and the book?

Homework: read chapters 2 and 3 (pages 20-37) and do the study guide for those chapters for tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 25

  • Lecture — Doublespeak
  • Read and work on study guide

Homework: read chapters 4 and 5 (pages 37-63) and do the study guide for Monday!

November 26-27


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