English 10 Week 11

Monday, November 16

  • New Rules
  • Background of 1984, by George Orwell — Totalitarianism
  • Assignment: read "Auschwitz" and write a reaction paragraph. This is due tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 17

  • Hand in response paragraphs
  • Entrance Slips: What is totalitarianism?
  • Review yesterday's information
  • Propaganda information and examples
  • Assignment for tomorrow: Read and annotate George Orwell and the Atomic bomb
    • underline passages you find interesting or agree with
    • circle words you do not know
    • box and write a question mark by passages that confuse you

Wednesday, November 18

  • Discuss the two readings: "Auschwitz" and "George Orwell: You and the Atomic Bomb"
  • Discuss human psychology and social experiments
  • Begin viewing The Wave

Thursday, November 19

  • Watch OLPA student video
  • Begin OLPA testing

Friday, November 20

  • Finish OLPA Testing
  • Watch more of The Wave
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