English 10 Week 10

Monday, November 9

  • Rough Draft of essay due today!!
  • Optional extra credit peer review
  • Once your rough draft is checked off, you may go to the English Lab to work on your final draft.

Essays are due at the start of class on Wednesday
Shakespeare test on Thursday

Tuesday, November 10

Work on final drafts of Much Ado essay in English Lab.

Turn in your essay when you are finished. What you should have:

  1. cover page
  2. typed final draft
  3. works cited page
  4. thesis statement (from packet)
  5. outline
  6. rough draft
  7. peer review (if you did the extra credit)

Essays are due at the start of class tomorrow
Shakespeare test on Thursday

Wednesday, November 11

  • Turn in essays if you haven't already
  • Review for test!!

Shakespeare test tomorrow
3rd hour: Study guides due tomorrow

Thursday, November 12

  • 3rd hour: Turn in study guides
  • Take Shakespeare test
  • Start watching movie

Friday, November 13

  • Finished Much Ado About Nothing Movie
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