English 10 Week 1 S2018

Monday, January 29

  • Syllabus
  • Plagiarism Policy
  • Classmate Bingo
  • ID card activity

ID cards due tomorrow!!
Signed syllabus forms due Friday!!

Tuesday, January 30

  • Write a sentence on the back of your ID card using parallel form
  • Introduce yourself to the class by showing us your ID card and reading the sentence you wrote. HAnd in your cards when finished.
  • Activity: FB posts in parallel form — turn in when complete
  • MCA Prep: "Arnold Schwarzenegger" — turn in when complete.

Wednesday, January 31

  • Read excerpts from Autobiography of a Face and discuss
  • Discuss differences between memoir and autobiography
  • Begin reading "Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family" (p.298-300)

Thursday, February 1

  • Finish reading "Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family" and mind-map the author's purpose
  • Watch Manzanar
  • Read page 308 and answer questions 4(b) and 5(a) & (b)

Friday, February 2

  • Read "The View from the Summit" and "The Dream Comes True" on pages 34-36 and pages 39-44. Answer the Review & Assess Questions on page 44

signed syllabus forms due today!!

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