English 10 Week 1

Monday, September 7


Tuesday, September 8

  • Find your name and take a seat.
  • Take out your notebook for this class, write today's date, and then respond to the following:
    • My career thus far as an English student has been …
    • I like these parts of English classes (and why):
    • I don't really care for these parts of English classes (and why):
    • My favorite part of any English or Language Arts class ever was (and why):
  • ID card exercise
    • The idea is for you to mind-map your interests, passions, and hobbies…who are you? We will get to know a little bit about you through your interests and activities and how you represent yourself in this mind-map.
    • ID Card Examples from the link above.
    • Workshop time in class today. Start by drafting your mind-map with pencil in your notebooks. When you get a draft you like, start working in marker on your cards. One person from each clump can retrieve a marker bin from the middle closet.
    • Bring these back to class tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 9

  • ID Cards due today.
  • Warm-Up free write: What is your favorite book, TV show, or movie and why? Why is it important to read, watch, or listen to other people's stories (or isn't it?)?
  • Housekeeping, announcements, and a few questions from your notecards.
  • Mini-lesson on parallelism
    • Starting in your writing notebooks, draft what you want to say to the class about your ID cards. Write these comments using parallel structure. When you have a draft you like, write it on the back of your ID cards.
  • Present your ID cards in a whip around the room. At the end of the whip, I will be collecting your ID cards.
  • Facebook posts, in parallel structure. Working in groups of two or three, follow the directions on the handout. If there is time, you will present the best from your group, if not, you can present tomorrow. These also will be collected at the end of class today.

Thursday, September 10

  • Warm-Up Free write: What is beauty? How do you know? Is beauty important? Why or why not? In what ways do you think our society makes us feel that we are ugly?
  • Housekeeping, announcements, and a few questions from your notecards. Introduce Memoir and Personal Narrative.
  • Lit focus: Autobiography of a Face, by Lucy Grealy read excerpt from pages 124-125.
    • In groups of 3-4, please discuss:
      • What phrases or words stick with you? Why do you think that is? How does the author, Lucy Grealy, do this (write something that memorable)?
        • Why do you think people are cruel to each other? How do you think it affects others? the victim? bystanders? The entire school?
        • How many of us still remember something mean that someone said to us years ago?
      • In the large group, report small group discussion highlights.
  • Grammar/Mechanics Thursday
    • Capital Letters are Very Important Things — introducing Editor's Checklist
      • When do we capitalize?
        • Get back together with your group. Can you figure out all fourteen categories of words we capitalize?

Friday, September 11

  • Warm-Up Free write: The author of today's text writes that difficult situations bring out the worst in people. Do you agree with that idea? Do tough times bring out the worst or the best in people? Why? Can you think of an instance or a scenario that supports your position?
  • Lit focus: Take turns reading "The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family" pages 298-311 in Anthology.
  • Application Activity: In your notebook, mind map the writer's purpose — what do you think her purpose is? Write this in the middle in a circle or square — then spoke out from there the details that she includes that support that purpose (or lead you to think that is her purpose), from there spoke out how that detail supports her purpose. You can do this with a partner if you choose, but you each need to have a mind map in your notebook.

Signed syllabus and plagiarism forms due on today!

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