English 10 Tentative Syllabus

Instructor: Anna Hamann
Email: su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna#su.nm.21k.ijdimeb|nnamah_anna
Website: http://hamann-english.wikidot.com/

Classroom: 2203
Office Phone: (218) 444-1600 ext. 63386

Required Texts

  • Selections from Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes
  • While the Locust Slept, by Peter Razor
  • Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare
  • 1984, by George Orwell

We will encounter other assigned readings as well — poems, short stories, and informational texts related to our following thematic units of study:

  • Memoir
  • Shakespeare's drama and poetry
  • Fiction, Media, and Power

Course Description

We will be reading and analyzing information from a variety of sources including: essays, short stories, dramas, poetry, novels, and informational texts. You will be engaged in a variety of writing and public speaking projects intended to expand your written and verbal communication skills, including: formal and informal writing assignments, as well as group presentations and debate. The exploration of the grammar and mechanics of writing and activities designed for vocabulary enrichment will be continuous throughout the semester. Reading comprehension skills will be reviewed and practiced weekly in preparation for the MCA Reading Test in April.


In this class we will:

  • Improve the ability to support an analysis of the central idea of a text, as well as the ability to analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text;
  • Develop the ability to evaluate any argument and specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is valid and the evidence is relevant and sufficient.
  • Develop the ability to produce clear and coherent writing, in a style appropriate to task, purpose, and audience; and
  • Continue to develop the ability to initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with diverse partners and groups on a variety of topics.


You will

  • Engage in classroom activities and support your peers;
  • Stay focused and on task;
  • Finish assigned work (including reading assignments) by the established due date; and
  • Respect each other and differing life experiences and points of view.

You will not

  • Distract others from doing their work or disrupt the class;
  • Make verbal remarks targeted at disparaging another person’s gender, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, culture, or perceptions of physical or mental ability;
  • Engage in verbal or physical bullying; or
  • Engage in any other behaviors that compromise another person’s sense of safety and security

Discipline Procedures

  1. Verbal reminder of expected behavior
  2. Private discussion in the hallway
  3. Removal from the classroom

Every situation is different, so please keep in mind that I reserve the right and have the responsibility to expedite this process given the specific infraction in question. Everyone in this room has the right to an accessible education, and that includes the right to feel safe and secure in this environment. Neither myself or your peers have the time or the responsibility to put up with disrespectful behavior.

Please see the Bemidji High School Student Handbook for more specific information about the consequences for inappropriate student behavior at this high school.

If you are struggling to feel safe and secure in this class, or in this school, please do not hesitate to talk to me right away. This is a safe space.


Whether you pass or fail this class is based on your attitude and willingness to do all of the work all of the time. To that end, I will ascertain your level of engagement through the following activities: in-class participation, informal and formal writing assignments, periodic quizzes, weekly vocabulary packets, and tests.

Quarter grades are based on a total number of points and a straight percentage. Your final semester grade is based on total number of points from both quarters and is also reflected as a straight percentage.

Assessment Scale

A = 95%-100%
A- = 90%-94%
B+= 88%-89%
B = 85%-87%
B- = 80%-84%
C+= 78%-79%

C = 75%-77%
C- = 70%-74%
D+= 68%=69%
D = 65%-67%
D- = 60%-64%
F = 59% and below

Fractions of a percent will be rounded to the next whole percent.

Late Work Policy

Assignments are due at the start of class time on the day that they are due. If you are running into trouble getting work done on time, you must talk to me to arrange for an extension before the due date.

School policy mandates that you have a two-day grace period for each day that you are gone. This applies only to work assigned on those days. Work that was previously assigned and due the day that you were gone will be turned in immediately upon arrival, or no credit will be earned.

The class website, hamann-english.wikidot.com, chronicles exactly what we covered and what was assigned each day we meet. It is your responsibility to check this website for missed work. If you do not have internet access outside of this building, remember that the Media Center has computers for your use before, during, and after school hours.

Make-Up Work Procedure

  • Check the website for the information you missed before class the day you return.
  • Ask a classmate for clarification, missed notes, etc.
  • If there is further confusion about assignments, announcements, deadlines, etc., talk to me before or after class.
  • Write ABSENT and the date(s) you were gone at the top of any make-up work.
  • Schedule a make-up time for missed tests, speeches, or quizzes before or after school.

Academic Integrity and the Bemidji High School Plagiarism Policy

Students are expected to practice the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all of their academic work. Please be sure to carefully and properly document the use of outside sources. Any form of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating, and misrepresentation) may result in disciplinary action. Please see the Bemidji High School Plagiarism Policy.

Food and Drink Policy

It is the BHS policy that no food or drink (except water bottles) is allowed in the academic wing — that includes this classroom. The exception to this rule is the Second Chance breakfast during 2nd hour.

Phones and other PED

You may use the time between classes to check Facebook or watch cat videos, but once the clock says it is time to start, you need to have your phone put away (if there is an activity requiring you to use your phone, believe me, I will tell you). When the bell rings you should already be working on your free write for the day.

  • First week I will remind you to put it away.
  • After the first week, if I see your phone out it will spend the rest of the hour in the phone caddy behind my desk.
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