English 10 May 9 13

Friday, May 13

  • Classical Argument lecture — guided notes
  • Introduce Research Paper Project
  • Work on brainstorming page — due Monday

Thursday, May 12

  • Persuasion PowerPoint — take notes
  • In-class activity analyzing Robert Kennedy's remarks on the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Turn this in by the end of the hour.

Wednesday, May 11

  • 1984 Unit Test
  • Hand in study guides
  • Hand in books

Tuesday, May 10

  • Review totalitarianism and propaganda
  • Review for the 1984 Unit Test

Monday, May 9

  • Wrap-up book discussion
  • With 2 classmates, compare the questions you had written for today. Choose one question and write 1 really solid quote sandwich paragraph answering it. Hand in that paragraph with all of your names on it and your individual questions stapled to it.
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