English 10 May 23 27

Friday, May 27

  • Read through "Hanging Fire," by Audre Lord and annotate
  • Get together with a partner and answer the discussion questions
  • Discuss as a large group
  • Write your own free verse poem — due Tuesday

Thursday, May 26

  • Research papers due today
  • Discussed what poetry is — working definition
  • Figurative language notes. Activity identifying figurative language due tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25

  • Meet with your writer's circle. Read your essay to them, get feedback, revise, and then edit.

Final Papers due at the start of class tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 24

  • Continue working on rough drafts
  • When all members of your circle have completed their drafts, you may begin the writer's circle process.

Monday, May 23

  • Outlines due today! These must be done before you begin your rough draft.
  • Work on your rough drafts. these are due by the end of the hour tomorrow.
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