English 10 March 7 11

Friday, March 11

  • Review Study Guide questions
  • Finish Act 1, scene 1
  • Work on Study guide questions for scene 1
  • Read Act 1, scene 2 and complete study guide questions for scenes 1 and 2

Thursday, March 10

  • Check out Much Ado about Nothing books and study guides.
  • Background on Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Review answers
  • discuss the start of the play and then read Act 1, scene 1.

You can listen to the text:

  • Answer the Act 1, scene 1 questions in the study guide.

Wednesday, March 9

  • Editing teams. Partner with one person from your writer's circle and review each other's work for mechanical errors — spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
  • Edit and polish final drafts. Print out and hand in, in this order:
    • Rubric
    • Final Draft
    • Rough Draft
    • Writer's Circle Feedback
    • Essay packet with brainstorming and outlining

Tuesday, March 8

  • Meet with your writer's circle. Read your essay tot he group and recieve feedback. Take notes on the handout.
  • Revise your narrative, paying attention to the content of the narrative
  • To do:
    • no 2nd person — get rid of all of the 'yous'
    • no rhetorical questions. Revise these and turn them into stronger claims.
    • add descriptive detail and imagery to each paragraph.

Monday, March 7

  • Construct rough draft of personal narrative essay. Do this on google docs — it is due by the start of the hour tomorrow.

No Vocab this week

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