English 10 January 30 February 3

Monday, January 30

  • Syllabus and classroom procedures and expectations
  • Icebreaker activity: Classmate Bingo
  • ID Card Activity: create a mind-map of yourself on a large index card to introduce yourself to your classmates. This is due tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 31

  • Parallel structure — what is it?
  • Draft what you want to say to the class about your ID cards. Write at least one sentence using parallel structure. Write these comments on the back of your ID cards.

- Present to the class. Turn these in today!
- MCA Prep: “Octopush”
- Facebook posts, in parallel structure. Working in groups of two or three, complete and hand in the handout by the end of the hour.

Wednesday, February 1

  • World Cafe Activity: Beauty
    • What is Beauty?
    • How do you know?
    • Is beauty important? Why or why not?
    • In what ways does our society make us feel that we are ugly?
  • Introduction to creative non-fiction, memoir, and personal narrative.
  • Read an excerpt from Autobiography of a Face, by Lucy Grealy and discuss in small and then the large group.
  • Finish FB Posts in parallel structure and hand in.

Thursday, February 2

  • Read aloud as a class "The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family" (298-311 in anthology)
  • Mind map the author's purpose — why did Uchida write this narrative? From there, map out at least 5 concrete details that give you that idea of her purpose. From there, link off an explanation about why that detail gives the idea about her purpose. Hand this in when complete
  • Watched Manzinar

Friday, February 3

  • Read aloud "View from the Summit," by Sir Edmund Hilary (30-36)
  • Read silently "When Dreams Come True," by Tenzig Norgay (39-44)
  • In groups of three, discuss the seven questions on page 44. Take notes to bring back to class tomorrow for a writing assignment.
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