English 10 February 8 12

Friday, February 12

  • Hand in study guide for a check
  • Vocab packets due
  • Vocab Test
  • Discuss the first chapter of While the Locust Slept and review study guide section 1

Homework: Read pages 17-33 and complete the second section of the study guide

Thursday, February 11

  • Review vocab — test tomorrow!!
  • Read "Boarding Schools" and complete key word summaries
  • Check out While the Locust Slept books and get study guides

Homework: read pages 3-15 and complete the first section of the study guide

Vocab packets due tomorrow!!
Vocab Test tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 10

  • Reviewed the Quote Sandwich Paragraph format
  • In your groups from yesterday, answer one of the questions 2-7 from page 44 with one really solid quote sandwich paragraph.

Tuesday, February 9

  • Read aloud "View from the Summit," by Sir Edmund Hilary (30-36)
  • Read silently "When Dreams Come True," by Tenzig Norgay (39-44)
  • In groups of three, discuss the seven questions on page 44. Take notes to bring back to class tomorrow for a writing assignment.

Monday, February 8

  • Vocab packet: Root Words 1
  • Read aloud as a class "The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family" (298-311 in anthology)
  • Mind map the author's purpose — why did Uchida write this narrative? From there, map out at least 5 concrete details that give you that idea of her purpose. From there, link off an explanation about why that detail gives the idea about her purpose.

Mind Maps due tomorrow
Vocab Packet is due Friday
Vocab Test Friday

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