English 10 April 11 15

Thursday and Friday, April 14-15

  • MCA Reading Testing

Wednesday, April 13

  • MCA Prep: "The Atomic Bomb"
  • Propaganda lecture — take notes
  • Homework: Read and annotate "You and the Atomic Bomb." Underline passages you find interesting, circle words you don't know, and draw a box around sections you find confusing. This is due Monday.

Tuesday, April 12

  • MCA Prep: "Monstrous Mengele"
  • Totalitarianism lecture — take notes
  • Homework: Read "Auschwitz" and write a reaction paragraph (due tomorrow)

Monday, April 11

  • MCA Prep: "Laughter"
  • Get together with editing team and look at
    • spelling and word choice
    • punctuation
    • formatting
    • citations
  • Sign off on each other's editing forms in the purple packet and make any final changes
  • Turn in essays, following the order on the back of the green rubric

Essays due tomorrow at the start of the hour
Turn in books tomorrow

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