English 10

Monday, February 11

  • DWG
  • Finish Farewell to Manzanar
  • Review quote sandwiches
  • Write a quote sandwich answering the following: What is Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's purpose in writing this memoir?

Tuesday, February 12

  • DWG
  • Finish and turn in quote sandwich paragraphs
  • Listen to "Love Matters" from The Moth radio program and complete the doodle notes

Wednesday, February 13

  • DWG
  • Discuss "Love Matters" and turn in notes
  • Divide into Reader's Circles and choose one of these stories to listen to.
  • Complete the doodle notes and small group discussion notes

Thursday, February 14

  • Turn in DWG
  • Figurative language notes
  • Analyze Mary Oliver's "Not Anyone"


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On Deck

The Moth

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