Dylan Dickinson

Hi my name is Dylan I'm going to tell the reader of this a little about me.
My hobbies are playing video games my favorite game is Minecraft,playing chess,and I like to live in my cave.
I don't know any TV shows that I like I have not watched TV for four years and I can't remember what was my favorite.
I like horror books and I like them because there creepy.
I don't have any goals for school or my career the only thing I can thing of is to do a job that I'm on a computer.
I want to be living with my parents for at lest 40 years.
If I could meet anyone in time it would albert einstein and I would ask him what is him meaning of live.

Random Facts

1.I have one mom,one dad,two brothers,three dogs,and one cat.
2.My favorite animal is a cat.
3.I'm 15 years old born of May 16 2001.


Class Work

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