Dirty Job's Assignment

Group Three:

Citizens for corporate Responsibility.

  • Manufactured products and packaging makes up to 72% of waste in the United States.
  • A new landfill would cost $200,000 per acre, but it would be closer to $500,000 an acre if permits are included.
  • Laws that makes manufacturers to pay the cost of recycling and disposing of their products.
  • Building a recycling facility would be cheaper than building a landfill etc.

Goal: To build a recycling plant. Also helping regulate product prices.


My plan is to build a recycling Plant so we can regulate the amount of waste. Also we would save money building a recycling building than a landfill etc. We can do some fundraising by selling cookie dough, doing raffles, and have a donation box. We can have some people in the community volunteer with building it so we don't spend so much on the labor. We could also use nearby stores to supply the materials so were not paying so much for shipping/handling.


  • How would the town take this?
  • Who will benifit from this?
  • How will they pay for this?


  • The whole town could benefit from this. It will help them want to recycle more. It creates a more safe environment for the children.
  • People that could benefit from this are the children, the whole world basically. Even plants and animals can benefit from it because there won't be trash everywhere and pollution.
  • People in the town could sell cookies etc. They could do 50/50 raffles. They can do food sales. (ex. Taco sale and Hotdogs and Hamburgers). Ask around town if people would like to donate to help out their town. Go around to suppliers and see if they could donate materials so they aren't paying for shipping and handling from businesses out-of-town.
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