Creative Writing Week 3

Monday, November 30

  • Peer Review Workshop
  • Work on Final Drafts in English Lab

Final Drafts due at the end of the day
Free Writes from the descriptive unit are due tomorrow. You should have free writes from: November 17, 18, 19, and 20

Tuesday, December 1

  • descriptive writing free writes due today!
  • Focused Free Write: Waiting. For what? Possible sentence starter: Our bench was still there…
  • Intro to Poetry PowerPoint
  • Blackout Poems. Watch Austin Kleon's Tedx Talk

And check out some of his examples here

  • Your task: To create a blackout poem from a newspaper article. The poem can be about the subject of the article or something else entirely. It is up to you. Just remember: rough draft! Box off the words you want and make sure BEFORE you start blacking out the page. Also, Put a scratch piece of paper under the page before you start blacking out with the marker.
  • Turn in your blackout poem(s) when you are finished. If you don not finish today, they are due tomorrow at the start of the hour.

Wednesday, December 2

  • Focused Free Write: I walked across the bridge and…
  • Ekphrastic Poetry definition and examples
  • Ekphrastic Poetry assignment and perspectives
  • Work time in the iMac Lab to find art work and work on drafting ekphrastic poetry.

Turn in ekphrastic poetry when complete. We will have work time in the English Lab tomorrow as well.

Thursday, December 3

  • Finished working on ekphrastic poetry
  • Introduction to slam poetry
    • Watched:


  • Introduced Digital Poetry Slam project

Friday, December 4

  • Focused free write
  • Slam Poetry video
  • Writing day for Digital Slam Poetry project
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