Comic Books And Graphic Novels Week 8 F2018

Monday, Oct. 22

  • Quiz on Maus
  • Maus discussion
  • Read reviews and analyze for criteria used

Tuesday, Oct. 23

  • Finish anlayzing criteria for book review and turn in
  • Talk about the psychology of color
  • Start Anya's Ghost — page 1-49

Wednesday, Oct. 24

  • Discuss Anya's Ghost
  • Read review of Black Panther film and analyze for criteria used
  • Read pages 50-101 of Anya's Ghost

Thursday, Oct. 25

  • Read pages 101-157 of Anya's Ghost
  • Watch part of Iron Giant

bring independent books tomorrow!!

Friday, October 26

  • Read pages 157-end of Anya's ghost
  • Begin final project for Anya's Ghost
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